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🐱‍👤 Poke Learner Project Overview 🐱‍👤

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Introduction 🎉

Poke Learner is a Next.js application that was built with the goal of teaching kids about Pokemon and allowing them to collect their favorite Pokemon. This project was born out of my son's desire to learn the names of Pokemon.

Building a Keyboard for Kids 🎹

Poke Learner Keyboard

The custom keyboard we designed is so intuitive that even a Pikachu could use it! 🐱‍👤⚡️ As you type, it looks for all the remaining Pokemon and displays the next available characters based on their names.

🤔🔍 The characters that are not next are disabled on the keyboard, so kids can't use characters that are not available to them.

🚫👦 This means they can search for their favorite Pokemonwithout getting frustrated by typing in incorrect characters. 😅👍.

Adding to Your Pokedex 📚

Poke Learner Keyboard

Once you've caught a Pokemon, you can add it to your Pokedex by giving it a big hug! 🤗🐾 The Pokedex will then record the Pokemon's name, type, and any special abilities it may have. 🔍📝

Don't forget to show off your Pokedex to your friends to let them know you're the ultimate Pokemon collector! 🏆👀

Poke Learner Keyboard

PokeDex Data 🧰

Pokemon API 🐱‍👤

Thank you for providing the Pokemon API that we used to build this application.

Dependencies 📦

Poke Learner was built using the following dependencies:

Conclusion 🌟

Poke Learner offers a fun and interactive way for you and others to learn all the pokemon names and collect their favorites.

The keyboard design makes it easy for kids to search for Pokemon names based on available characters.

All research was done through my son and his friends to ensure that the application is engaging 🥳