Destin Lee

About Me

Hey there, I'm Destin 👨‍💻, a software engineer who loves to code and make people's lives easier. When I'm not busy crafting amazing web apps, you can usually find me grilling up some BBQ.

I'm all about accessibility and performance, making sure that everyone can use the apps and sites I create 🌍.



Senior Software Engineer
Johnson Health Tech
2021 - present

Developing the most kick-ass workout tracking app on the planet. Mentoring and supporting developers with their day to day and career growth. Supporting multiple legacy code bases

Front-end Developer
Widen Enterprises, Inc
2019 - 2021

Developed React enterprise SASS application for managing approvals of digital assets. Helped develop in-house component library utilized across multiple sass applications.

Software Development Manager
Widen Enterprises, Inc
2016 - 2019

Oversaw maintenance of engineering culture focused on quality, pragmatism, and individual and team development. Mentored 8+ direct reports in testing and front-end development.

Quality Assurance Lead
Shoutlet, Inc
2012 - 2016

Individual tester for full-stack development team and testing team lead overseeing multiple full-stack and services testers.


Programming Languages:

TypeScript, JavaScript, Go, Lua, Ruby, HTML, CSS

Tooling and Frameworks:

Node 8+ (npm, yarn, pnpm), express.js, Next.js <= 13, React <= 18, Webpack, Vite, Parcel, Tailwind, styled-components (emotion.js), GitHub (Actions, Project Management)

Editors and Productivity Tooling:

Jira, Confluence, Notion, Trello, VIM (NeoVim), VSCode, Mac OSX, Linux


Primarily self taught and on the job experience. 2 years film studies and computer science.